Kirsten Ditzler, Church Council Chair

Tony Edwards, Lay Leader

Doris Moore, Treasurer

Alice Peterson, Finance Secretary

Geri Ewer, Congregation Care Chair

Marian Wenger, Church Council Member

Stephanie Hildebrand, Church Council Member

Jason Ditzler, Trustee Chair

Shaun Ressler, Creative & Tech Team Lead

D'Ann Ressler, Worship Chair

Joan and Barry Trout

Joan Trout, Pastor

Pastor Joan Trout accepted the call to serve as Pastor of Boehm's starting July 2017. She and her husband, Barry, last served at Hibernia UMC.

Scott and wife Mary with family.

Scott Lingo, Minister of Music

Scott brings considerable musical talent and training to Boehms on Sunday mornings and during the week. He grew up in Lancaster County where he met his wife, Mary. He holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Bible from Lancaster Bible College. He is Pennsylvania state certified in music and ACSI certified to teach music and Bible at all levels. When not leading the church choir and serving as accompanist on Sunday mornings; Scott gives private music lessons at the church and in homes, tutors children, and serves as a substitute teacher. For two summers in a row he has traveled to Spain to teach English. They have three children.

Doris Moore (Center) with teens at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in New Mexico.

Doris Moore, Church Secretary

A lifelong member of Boehms Church, Doris has served in more capacities than can be counted. Her heart for mission and evangelism drives her to serve for two months each summer at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in New Mexico. She served as Alpha Course administrator, teaches in the children's ministries, is the secretary and treasurer of Boehm's Chapel Society, and she is on the Church Council.

Richard Hackman, Groundskeeper

Rich Hackman is also a life long member of Boehms who has served in nearly every capacity possible. His heart for mission has taken him to the western U.S. to build trails and assist in fighting wildfires, as well as to serve at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch. If there is a hands-on mission opportunity through Boehms Church, Rich wants in. Folks in the area also know him as the Alpaca Guy - his two pet alpacas live right next to the church.

Moses and Lexus, Rich's alpacas.
Moses and Lexus, Rich's alpacas.