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Rawlinsville Camp Meeting

Rawlinsville Camp Baptism

Come to Rawlinsville Camp Meeting!

July 25 through August 7


For more information, go to Rawlinsville Camp Meeting’s web site.


Boehm’s UMC will be closed July 31, which is Boehm’s Sunday at Rawlinsville Camp Meeting.


131 years ago Boehm’s church joined with other Methodist churches in the Southern End to found Rawlinsville Camp Meeting. We’ve been serving there ever since. This unique outreach provides a place for rest, Biblical learning, prayer, family gatherings, exciting child and youth activities, worship, and table fellowship.

Opportunities to serve include:

  • Two camp cleanups each year – Fall and Spring
  • FallFest weekend meals and fundraiser
  • Chicken Pot Pie Supper in June
  • Volunteer in the Candy Store, the Snack Bar, or the Dining Room
  • Help lead child or youth activities
  • Sing or play an instrument during worship services
  • Cabin #2 repair and maintenance


Here’s the schedule – Come on down to Cabin #2!2014-07-29DitzlerRawlinsvilleCamp


7:30 am
Praise and Prayer service – Tabernacle choir loft.
10:30 am
Worship Service at the Tabernacle, preaching by Rev. Rich Stevenson
Infant and Toddler nursery.

Preschool, Elementary, 56er, and Youth Worship programs in their respective buildings.

Boarding House Dining Room opens doors after worship service.

2:00 pm

Baptism  – Creek bridge behind Boarding House (arrive early)

3:00 pm

Concert by SLC Community Choirs – Tabernacle

4:45 pm- 6:15 pm

Dining  Room seating

6:15 pm

Quiet Bell

6:30 pm

Prayer Meeting at Prayer Tent.

7:30 pm
Worship Service in Tabernacle

Children (Age 3 to completed grade 6) services in respective locations

9:30 pm
Young Adult meeting



Rawlinsville Camp Meeting – More info at

475 Clearfield Road, Holtwood, PA  17532